About The Instructor

Ohio's own Jazmin Brooks, better known as London Elixir, has become one of the most exciting new talents in the diverse worlds of funk, pop, hip-hop, R&B and trap. Currently based in Atlanta, London has made a name for herself by producing for a range of artists including That Girl Lay Lay, Ms. Jade, Xtassy of A&X, Dascha Polanco, Silento and more.

Her experiences as a music producer inspired her to become an author, introducing her new book "PTO: Prayed Time Off." In this Amazon Best Seller, the author shares key moments from leaving her nine-to-five to become a full-time entrepreneur. A journey comprised of sacrifice, hard work, mental awareness and a leap of faith. 

Most of London’s readers are inspired after completing the book and request specific advice for their individual circumstances. This created a demand which compelled London to create Benefits of PTO: An Interactive Experience. This course is designed to help you take the concepts from the book and put them into action! Additionally, London offers online one on one sessions to accompany the coursework for those who want to take the content one step further. That’s right, you’ll be able to speak directly with the author!! 

About The Course

Are You:
  • Tired of clocking in to a job you aren’t passionate about?
  • Aspiring to do more with your life than you currently are?
  • A business owner?
  • Great at coming up with new ideas?
  • Interested in strengthening your spirituality?
  • Desiring to live in Your True Purpose?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this course is for you!

Joining this course allows you access to:
  • PTO: Prayed Time Off by Jazmin "London Elixir" Brooks (Reader's Favorite Awarded 5-Stars & Amazon Best Seller) - AudioBook and eBook
  • Engaging coursework designed to help you put the concepts from the book into action. (9-Week Course)
  • Schedule discounted one-on-one sessions with the author to discuss your specific situation as it relates to the coursework.
  • Join our Facebook community and expand your support system!
  • Certificate of Graduation after completion of the course.

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Benefits of PTO: An Interactive Experience

R. Richardson

"This book has not only helped me find ways to transition to my purpose, but it’s also help reconnect with my faith and spirituality. I urge everyone who picks up this book to read it more than once as you will gain more understanding every time. Also, sign up for the course that goes along with it! Trust me, you won’t regret it!"

A. Marshall

"The author is amazing as she dives deep into her personal experiences showing her audience how faith has led her through some critical times as a young entrepreneur. If you are looking to find inspiration and empowerment this course will do just that. Many times we’ll think we can do what we want and lean on our own understanding to get to our passions but this course tells us there is a better way. I also enjoyed the course that went along with it. It was truly thought out and created with genuine love because London is leading in her purpose and spreading her truth which is predestined to positively impacts others. You will not be disappointed in this course. Go buy it if you haven’t!"

J. Willis

I love this book. It gave great scriptural reminders and the PTO experience was awesome! I did not want it to end. Throughout the experience you gain actual actionable steps you can take for yourself. This gave me great motivation which I was lacking at times and it inspired me. You just have to experience it for yourself to fully grasp the moment. An amazing anointing!!! I am honored I was able and called to be apart of this wonderful experience and spiritual re-centering towards my purpose!!!